Come join our “Gucha gucha asobi” (messy art & sensory play) in Zama, Japan

What is ”Gucha gucha asobi”?

– “Gucha gucha asobi” is an event in which kids can play messy art & sensory play freely with paints and other materials.

What is “Gucha gucha”?

– “Gucha gucha” means dirty and messy in Japanese. So “Gucha-gucha asobi(play)” means messy art and sensory play. It’s good for kids’ growth to stimulate their senses. In this activity, we use “Gucha gucha” as a positive word.

What is “Gucha gucha asobi” good for?

– Gucha gucha Asobi” also stimulates children’s curiosity, fuels their imaginations, and offers new outlets for self-expression.

Who can join “Gucha gucha asobi”?

– Kids up to 6 years old and their guardian


– 1 kid & 1 guardian ¥5,000

– 2 kids & 1 guardian ¥7,000

※There is no charge for younger siblings (babies) who are not yet sitting up.


– Hidamari House 〒252-0029 Kanagawa, Zama, Iriya, 1-20-3232

FAQ (More about the events)

Things to bring?

– Drink/ Towels/ Extra clothes

Does the guardian also need extra clothes?

– Towels and clothes would be colored through the activity. Guardians’ clothes may get dirty as well.

Any parking?

– There is a parking lot; up to 8 cars can be parked. Please park at the “OK” place in the picture.

Can babies join the event?

– Of course! Any baby can join the event. Siblings who are not yet sitting up are also welcome to join us.

Is paint safe for the baby?

– We use non-toxic paints designed for children.

※We do not recommend eating them. Although it is safe to do so.

What if my boy/girl hesitates to play?

– Children may hesitate when they see paint play for the first time. But as they continue to play with it over and over again, they will gradually become more daring!

What kind of programs?

– We offer programs with a variety of materials (, including Japanese ones) and themes so that children can play with curiosity and enthusiasm every time.

About us

“Asobumanabiya” started this activity in April 2022. It’s for people from various countries and it’s held in English. We are collaborating with “Fun5”, an international exchange organization.

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